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  I want to invent _____(半命題)

  I want to invent a family doctor robot

  I want to invent a family doctor robot, which can be used to cure the illness without going out of their home. As far as I’m concerned, it will be extremely helpful and useful because of the following reasons: First, you can see the doctor immediately at home when you feel sick or get hurt. It can save us a lot of time, especially in emergency situations. Furthermore, hospitals today are always filled with patients, not everyone can be taken good care of. However, with the help of our robot doctors, you can talk to your personal doctor one to one whenever you want.   In short, family doctor robots can make great contribution to our society.

  I want to invent _____

  I want to invent a time machine

  As a student who is experiencing unprecedented (/?n'pres?dent?d/ adj. 空前的;無前例的)modern life nowadays, I would rather learn about the history and the future life of human being from a real experience than learn from a textbook. That’s why if I can work as a great inventor, inventing a time machine will be my first choice. The most important usage of my time machine will be visiting one of best schools in Tang Dynasty.

  As we all know, Tang Dynasty is famous for its open-minded education. Therefore,

  when I visit the school of the ancient city, I can not only try different ways of studying but communicate with people from different countries as well. Using a time machine is the most vivid way to learn history as it is both a record of mankind and a mirror of past, I am looking forward to the day when my time machine comes out.


  I'm ready

  I always say to myself: "I'm ready!" before a competition or a speech, though it seems that I will never be ready for them absolutely. " I am ready!" ,which makes me so confident that I can pay all of my attention to what I do efficiently. Of course, as a saying says: Practice makes perfect. Essential preparation is necessary. We should make every effort to prepare for what we do . Say to ourselves: ‘I'm ready’ ,and it will help us play our best card!